The Lazy Man\'s Way to Link Building in 2021
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The Lazy Man\’s Way to Link Building in 2021

Admit it. You wish for a less complicated way to build links for ranking on Google and other search engines. The bitter truth is that links are an important part of SEO and one of the big influences of Google ranking. So what it means is this. To rank on Google, you need quality back links showing that your site is valuable. We’ve made the job easier for you. Here are the easiest ways to build links in 2021.

Image credit links

Without mincing words, getting back links via image is one of the simplest ways to link building. All you need to do is take quality pictures within your niche and pitch them to relevant sites. When published, it will contain your link pointing the audience back to your website. The strategy is highly effective and less competitive. It’s best to give it a try.

Put up your site on directories

Directories vary from local directories to niche directories. It is necessary to locate a good directory in your niche to get back links. But make sure to avoid putting up your site on directories with no real market value. A brand listed on a valuable directory makes it easy for customers to locate and connect with the brand.

Request from back links

Yes, you can ask a few friends, colleagues, and relatives with blogs for back links. But a warning: Ask for back links in niches relevant to your niche to avoid spammy links. Also, make sure to request in-content links. Having in-content links is more valuable to links on the footer, or in the sidebar. Join relevant groups and request for links exchange. There are several bloggers and businesses like to hook up for link building.

Whichever methods you decide to use to build links in 2021, avoid the black hat SEO.